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10 destinations not to be missed in Asia

Traveling in Asia will always require a minimum of planning. With more and more routes connecting Europe and Asia, it has become faster and more affordable to reach a multitude of Asian destinations. It may be even cheaper to travel to parts of Asia (particularly in Southeast Asia) than to Europe, making the distance secondary. We have chosen ten great destinations: some more famous than others, but all will satisfy your appetite both gastronomically and spiritually.

Forget your daily life: go to Laos

Laos has largely not yet been affected by mass tourism and will surprise even the most experienced traveler. Thanks to the extreme contrasts of its landscapes, whose beauty is eternal, hikers, canoeists, swimmers, climbers and all other types of active travelers will feel like a child in a confectionery. Added to this are the incredible cuisine, the wonderful culture and the warmth and zen of the locals. What more?

Curry Laksa in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a flourishing, dynamic and effervescent city. The futuristic skyscrapers in the sky and the multicultural corners of the streets have only one thing in common: food. This mix of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Western cuisines seems to bring everyone together. Outside the city, Malaysia continues to use diversity to create a unique country. Whether it’s incredible coastline, ideal for diving, orangutan forests, dark jungles, isolated villages or international cities, Kuala Lumpur will not fail to surprise you.

Taipei: City of “Heart of Asia”

Taipei is a unique city that is both kitschy, cosmopolitan and contemporary. This city is certainly Chinese, but the Japanese, American and Southeast Asian influences are obvious. Taipei takes advantage of this heterogeneity that makes its charm. The mish-mash of shop fronts, street food, cafes, museums and memorials are punctuated by green spaces like gardens, streams or trees.

The city that never sleeps: Seoul

It is said of many cities that they never sleep. But this is especially true in Seoul, which is shadowing in New York, Mumbai and Las Vegas. The capital of South Korea combines cutting-edge architecture, Buddhist temples and ancient highways converted into urban gardens, all immersed in pop culture. In Seoul, you will easily forget the notion of time, losing yourself between temples and cafes, picturesque neighborhoods and modern skyscrapers, small street food stalls and restaurants, and soju bar, karaoke and nightclubs.

A testimony of history: Xi’an

Are you interested in archaeology? On the way to Xi’an. Here you will find excavation sites and museums that include some of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world. The most famous of them is the site of the statues of the soldiers and horses of the mausoleum of Emperor Qin, where more than 8000 life-size statues were buried 2000 years ago. This site is now preserved and open to the public. In the vicinity are other fantastic museums such as Banpo, a site where a Neolithic village was discovered or Shaanxi, where you can see the fossils of the Lantian Man, one of our oldest ancestors, who lived 1.7 million years ago.

A bit of relaxation in Okinawa

If you’ve ever seen Karate Kid, you may know Okinawa, Miyagi’s home island. Okinawa is a group of islands, but it is also the name of the main island of the archipelago. Miles from Shinjuku subway station, the white sand beaches, turquoise waters, forests and coral reefs of Okinawa are the perfect image of an island paradise.

No excuse for not going to Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and has been a popular destination for Europeans for some time. It is certainly placed at the top of the list of several travelers. No need to try to convince you to go there, you know it’s a destination not to be missed.

Hong Kong, the heterogeneous city

The frenzy of Hong Kong makes its charm. Like a game of Jenga where the pieces represent different parts of the world, Hong Kong is a superposition of cultures, philosophies, craft creations, old recipes and new concepts related and perfectly balanced. If you are looking for calm and solitude, this city is not for you. On the contrary, if you are looking for an exciting, chaotic but organized city, Hong Kong is the place to go. Venture into the streets of the city and go where the wind takes you.

Visit the mountains and villages of Yangshuo in China

The scenery of Yangshuo District is beautiful. The emerald-colored fields, punctuated by the peaks of the mountains, extend on the horizon. While the countryside is popular for its hiking trails, bike paths and tranquillity when swimming in the Li River, Yangshuo has a hippie side and lively bars. Late at night. If you want to escape the crowds, go to the traditional village of Xingping, where you can enjoy the quiet, cafes and the beauty of the surroundings.

Tokyo, more than just a city

Seeming straight out of a sci-fi movie, Tokyo swarms like a hive. Get carried away by the wave of people crossing the famous Shibuya crossroads, watch the craziest trends in fashion and cosplay in Harajuku, visit the traditional gardens in Shinjuku and lose yourself in the nightlife of Roppongi. Do not worry, Tokyo will be true to its reputation.

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