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7 make-up accessories that change your life!

7 make-up accessories that change your life!

As women, we love novelties and tips but what we love the most is the makeup products and accessories that change our lives. Because, let’s face it, knowing how to make up like a pro is not an innate quality at home.

So, thank you for all these little make-up inventions that are for some very ingenious, because they save us a lot of time and save us from several crises of tears. I think some makeup products or accessories will become your beauty essentials! But hush! Do not reveal your little secrets that have the power to make a makeup without smudge and make your girlfriends moan.

Here are the makeup products and accessories that are fascinating!

Estee Lauder invents the anti-surprise foundation:

Estée Lauder has set the bar high by creating this exceptional complexion product for several reasons. Double Wear Nude Cushion Luminous Natural Complexion Stick is 2 in 1 because it combines a makeup and a pro tool. This highly innovative foundation contains a non-comedogenic and long-lasting formula that applies thanks to its integrated sponge. Its liquid and light texture blurs imperfections, lines and wrinkles in one pass. Its result gives a radiant and undetectable coverage to the naked eye. The second skin effect is flawless and lasts 8 hours with a bright finish.

However, not all of these arguments fascinate me for this article. Firstly, its pro tool is promising because its sponge can be removed very easily for a simplified cleaning and especially very hygienic. But not only, the tube is more. It changes size depending on the amount of foundation remaining so that we can know when the product is finished. Second, it has a revolutionary distribution system. If, inadvertently, you made out too much material, it is no longer a problem, more waste! Turning the dispensing system on the other side, the foundation returns to its container. Yeah!!!

Art Déco offers in a single gesture a multi-colored makeup:

Art Deco goes into summertime with its new Paradise Island collection. I totally fell for the Ombré Lipstick which brings to the lips a succession of flamboyant colors for a sunny look. This lipstick introduces a trio of vibrant shades that melt on the palate for a professional and ultra-trendy result. Then, you can achieve several effects depending on the direction of application of your Ombré Lipstick. You will not need me to have a perfect shaded lip!

Beauty Blender Liner Designer:

The application of the eyeliner can be a real challenge. Streak too long, too wide, not close enough to the eyelashes or asymmetrical – A real hassle! Indeed, it is not child’s play to draw a perfect line. But that was before the invention of the Beauty Blender Liner Designer. This simple tool to use is infallible and leaves no room for the approximate! This guide with three different sides realizes in one passage completely different looks.

Makeup Eraser, a magic cleansing towel:

I tested it and I assure you that it is remarkable and super effective. It saves my life when I have more cotton!!! This infinitely reusable cleansing towel is able to remove any kind of makeup with water. Yes, you read that, it just needs hot water to perform. To your savings in cotton and make-up removers! In addition, it is very hygienic because it is washable in a washing machine without losing its soft side.

Tweexy, the end of mishaps with your nail polish:

The Tweexy nail polish ring made a buzz on the net. This handy object has been designed to make your manicures easier. It can carry any bottle of varnish on its base so that you can do your pose safely, without worrying about spilling the bottle or worse, breaking it, the cat!

Elf, a smudge-free make-up:

This makeup accessory a little weird keeps a complexion and eyelids nickels. Indeed, the realization of a smoky-eyes always deposits matter under the eyes. Similarly, mascara has the bad habit of marking the eyelid just after its passage. That’s why this spatula perfectly matches the shape of the eye for a makeup without incident.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Drawing your eyebrows is a breeze:

Make up your eyebrows is a necessary step to sublimate your eyes. But it’s easier said than done. However, there are makeup accessories such as soft stencils, those of Anastasia Beverly Hills for example, which help you to make yourself a perfect arcade. Your eyebrows will be well balanced, of the good length and above all you will finish your make-up while beauty.

And to finish this list of makeup accessories, I could not forget a very well thought pen, the 4 – color Clarins Pen.

Now, tell me which makeup accessories will become your essential beauty?

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