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What are the best Thai specialties with exotic flavors

The Thai cuisine is considered one of the most inventive and varied cuisines of the world. It is characterized by the use of many exotic flavors such as curry, mint, lemongrass, coconut, basil, coriander, chili, etc. The dishes are usually full of taste and very fragrant. Rice is an important part of Thai cuisine, with most common dishes such as curry, stir-fries and so on are always accompanied by a portion of rice served separately.

The dishes and desserts to discover during your trip to Thailand are many; we recommend some typical dishes of the country and some areas to taste absolute.

  1. Ka Nom Krok: Thai Pancakes with Coconut Milk

Small pancakes round 6 or 7 cm in diameter, very sweet dessert that can be different flavors. This very small crepe, whose dough is based on rice flour, is garnished with coconut cream but also, strangely, with green onion that gives a little salty taste. Khanom Krok are found almost only in markets, and they are becoming increasingly rare.

  1. Bua Loy

The bua loy is made of small balls of rice flour scented most often with pandanus leaves and served in warm coconut milk. Thin slices of coconut are sometimes added to this dessert that we learn to appreciate over time.

  1. Khao Nao Ma Muang: sticky rice with mango and coconut milk

It is a dessert made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and mango, very popular and particularly appreciated in Thailand. It is found everywhere: in the street, at street vendors or in small restaurants. Some variants also exist with fruits such as papaya or durian. This dessert is eaten warm or hot.

  1. Phat Krapao

This Thai specialty with incomparable flavor and truly tasty will delight all lovers of Asian cuisine. A dish rather raised but whose spice does not last too long. Chicken, most often minced and seasoned with red pepper, Thai garlic and basil, sprinkled with a little sugar and drizzled with nuoc nam.

  1. Panang Curry

It is distinguished by its seasoning. It’s chicken that came back with panang. Panang is a curry paste made of dried red pepper, shallot, garlic, salt, lemongrass, galangal, caraway, Kafir lemon and coriander seeds. No need to spice it up anymore. We accompany the Panang rice curry.

  1. Laab

Laab: the spelling of this dish may vary according to the Western alphabet. This salad is made with minced meat with sticky rice, raw beans, cucumber, raw white cabbage, and herbs. It is adaptable since it can be done with chicken, duck, shrimp or beef. Be careful; the Laab is very spicy for the palate of tourists.

  1. Tom Ka Gai

This is also a Thai soup. It consists of a tasty blend of coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass, Thai pepper, lime, and chicken. Sometimes it is possible to add mushrooms, shiitakes or coriander leaves. Everything melts in the mouth, exploding your taste buds of different exotic flavors.

  1. Som Tam: Papaya Salad

The tasty salad of minced green papayas is a culinary institution in Isan. Green papayas are crushed with garlic, lemon, chili and kaffir lemon leaves, cut into thin strips. All enhanced with pinches of brown sugar, a few grams of unsalted roasted peanuts and coriander leaves. Sensitive stomachs and palates abstain because the mixture is extremely acid and raised. But when all this is well dosed, it is a pure delight.

  1. Pad Thai

The traditional Thai dish made from fried rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, crumbled tofu, yellow beans and grilled shrimp dipped in nuoc-mâm sauce. All are served with a sweet sauce made from lime.

In Thailand, it is served with a piece of a fresh banana flower next to it. The Thai pad became the national dish of Thailand after the economic recession that affected the country after the Second World War. Very appreciated and very consumed throughout Thailand. Its name means “Thai style frying.”

  1. Tom Yam Kung

This dish is so present in Thai restaurants that it is considered the national dish of the country. This is a sweet, sour soup made from shrimp. It is served hot, red and often very spicy. There are several variations, including prawns, seafood or chicken.

So, now you know about the best Thai dishes. Do not forget to try these while your trip to Thailand.

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