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Brown eyes: The make-up is there to give them even more radiance

You have beautiful eyes you know. If the clear eyes fascinate, the dark irises have nothing to envy them. Indeed, women with dark eyes have a trump card; they can draw in all color palettes. I give you all my pro tips to make up brown eyes.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul!

Do you think that brown eyes are not poetic? You are wrong! Thanks to the make-up your look will be hypnotic, and your hazel eyes will be irresistible. They leave a multitude of possibilities for makeup, almost to infinity. You can dare glitter, shadows with sublime metallic highlights, cold or warm shades … A strip of veinardes. This is a great opportunity to play a max with different textures to create looks without limits.

Make up brown eyes to intensify and wake up your style!

Impossible to know the failures of inspiration in front of the ice with your pretty brown eyes whose nature has made you graceful. However, if the makeup of the eyes is mainly a matter of technique and successful hand, the choice of colors remains paramount!

Get out of your comfort zones:

Dare, dare and dare again! Wear warm and greedy colors such as black, midnight blue, purples, purple, bronzes, copper, and gold. However, prefer the iridescent textures for your hazel eyes to avoid tarnishing it.

Do not forget this advice, harmonize the shades of your eyeshadow with those of your eyes. To find out which colors match, do not hesitate to refer to the color circle. But, you’re unlikely to go wrong, because everything goes well.

If your eyes are very brown, take advantage of it to wear strong colors and make smoky black, the rendering will be to fall!

Color errors not to do:

That’s right, you can have lots of fun with colors, except for very pale shades like white, pink, blue or light green. Why? Because they tend to yellow the whites of the eye and make you look sad.

But how to make up brown eyes without being wrong:

For a beautifully made look, you need the right colors, but know that the dark makeup is always on the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. In the inner corner, apply a lighter shade. It will open and awaken your eyes.

There are three cool and easy combinations to highlight your hazelnut eyes: A pretty brown with a gold or a coppery orange or a beautiful purple with black in lashes and finally, blue jeans with a very dark gray.

Nothing like a line of eyeliner!

Yes, do your doe eyes with a pencil line to eyeliner, timeless icon of sensuality for brunettes. But beware, it can instantly turn into a nightmare if it is not well posed. Just a fine line flush with the eyelashes to enrich the fringe of eyelashes.

The key to a deep look, mascara!

To make up brown eyes, black, brown or plum mascara is perfect. The purple mascara will give an incredible shine especially if the eyelid with a brown or golden-brown makeup. Give yourself a volumizing mascara, lengthening and you will be crunchy!

Make up brown eyes for dark skin!

When you have dark skin, it is not so easy to find the right nuances that emerge without doing too much. For the color of the eyeshadow to be well, choose pigments with high coverage. Next, translucent and poor quality.

The most advantageous colors for the mixed or black skins are the golden ones, the copper ones, and the orange ones.

The brown eyes are not cold, so dare eccentricity to be unique. Let your imagination and your originality overflow without being afraid to pique the eyes of those around you.

Shopping for a nutty look downright desirable!

Bourjois Trio Smoky Eyes:

This small rounded palette has all the necessary elements to succeed a sophisticated smoky. In addition, the makeup has an 8-hour hold. Their texture is ultra-thin and silky. It has qualities of flexibility to fade the colors for a fade easily is perfect.

Sephora Colorful Duo:

The small novelty of Sephora to make up the brown eyes and put your pretty look is in value. For the first time at Sephora, eyeshadow transforms to create a trendy duet. Both shades are the perfect mix for a bluffing result. The blushes have an optimal coverage thanks to a formula highly concentrated in pigments. In addition, matte eyeshadow and iridescent eyeshadow will brighten your look with a brushstroke.

Urban Decay Basquiat x UD:

This sublime palette allows depositing your art on your eyelids. It comes from the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection, and it will put your eyes on it. Its eight shades are exclusive and ultra-intense. The colors are all amazing and colorful; it’s time to let go of your inspirations straight out of a dream.

You still think of not having to change to wear beautiful brown eyes?

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