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Cabbage soup, express diet to lose weight in 7 days.

You want to lose some stubborn pounds in just a week; if that’s your case, then you will certainly be tempted by the cabbage soup diet. Indeed, this famous natural and effective diet responds perfectly to this demand. However, discover its strengths and weaknesses, because, like any diet, it should not be approached lightly.

The little story.

The cabbage soup diet is one of the oldest of the express diets, dating from the 80s. This method continues to convince the most hurried women by ensuring a loss of 3 to 7 pounds in one week. But is it clever or dangerous?

Soup with cabbage has no secrets for you!

This hyper-restrictive diet is an express weight loss method that is very low in calories. Only vegetable-based, it is deficient and is very tiring. Therefore, it should not be extended beyond the recommended week.

This monodite exists in several versions, but all include the consumption of a large amount of cabbage soup that is associated with specific foods. According to some, cabbage is supposed to burn calories, according to others, this diet cabbage soup would be a fat-burning or a quick solution to lose excess weight.

In addition to eliminating unwanted pounds, this diet also has the power to clean the body by eliminating toxins, which is perfect just after the excesses of the holiday meals.

You will understand, this diet is ultra-effective to lose weight and, without causing a drop of sweat. However, to continue this slimming cure, you will need motivation. Go motivation!!!

This diet has some disadvantages!

You should know that this type of diet is very satisfying, thanks to unmixed vegetables. But their over-consumption can end up disgusting and can, therefore, demotivate.

Also, this method has no long-term effect. Indeed, weight recovery after the diet week is almost automatic; this diet is known not to stabilize the weight obtained.

According to experts, the considerable reduction in weight with a cabbage soup diet is due to a high loss of water and muscle and not fat despite the total ban on eating all kinds of fat. In addition, the absence of several essential nutrients such as magnesium or iron is also problematic.

If we add to this that it can cause a strong tendency to fatigue, a drop-in blood pressure, dizziness, cardiovascular disorders and flatulence, which is not very glamorous. We understand that it is not is not very good for your health!

Is this diet right for you?

It is only recommended for people who feel the need to lose weight quickly for an occasion or for those who want to detoxify their body. Nevertheless, to follow this diet, it is essential to love vegetables to carry out This diet without cracking. In addition, it is important to have a good digestive system and a strong stomach.

Cabbage soup diet in practice!

In terms of ingredients to use to make the recipe for cabbage soup diet, choose vegetables as fresh as possible.

You need a whole cabbage, three carrots, celery, three onions, two peppers, three tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper and three litres of water.

First, start by washing all the vegetables, especially the cabbage. After, cut all these vegetables into small pieces and put them in a saucepan filled with water, without forgetting to the season. Then boil for about ten minutes until you get a good consistency for the soup. Then, once the vegetables are cooked, you can mix them a little bit.

Note: Do not cook the soup too long to avoid destroying vitamins. And know that the minerals are, in turn, preserved in the water and are not lost.

The vegetables allowed!

Here are the vegetables you can add without problem in the heart of your cabbage soup. Green peppers, onion, tomato, cabbage, garlic, carrots, parsley, celery, zucchini, lettuce, cucumber, green beans and spinach.

On the other hand, here are the forbidden ones:

Peas, corn, potatoes and dried beans. For fruits, the forbidden are very sweet fruits, bananas and strawberries. Also know that during this diet, soft drinks, alcoholic are to be banned. However, in the morning you can consume tea or coffee without sugar, but be careful, they must be taken during a meal.

In addition, during preparation, never use fat such as butter or oil. However, the soup may be accompanied by a serving of meat or a bowl of rice.

During the day, when you feel hungry, you will have the right to only one thing. Indeed, to stall your stomach, a bowl of cabbage soup, because it can be consumed at will.

The results are incredible, but …

Of course, this diet works, but its diuretic and laxative effect are the only reasons for this weight loss. In addition, the low intake of calories and essential elements such as protein empties a good part of the glycogen stores and initiates muscle wasting.

Once the diet is over, for sure, you live the yo-yo effect. Plus, it’s not good for your health and stabilizing this weight loss is really tricky as a result of this diet.

For my part, I think the cabbage soup diet is more of a punctual detox rather than a slimming solution.


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