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Best Recipes For Halloween Day Fun

Best Recipes For Halloween Day Fun

To meet friends and party, Halloween is really the date to remember. Play to scare, swap the identity for an evening, enjoy food and amazing drinks: all the ingredients are there to have fun and live a moment of playful regression!

Here are some ideas to treat your guests while surprising them on the Halloween Day.

Salty Recipe

It can be fun to offer your guests foods that are difficult to identify. To blur the slopes, food colors will be your allies. For example, green color mayonnaise sauce in which your guests will hesitate to soak raw vegetableson the Halloween Day!

Poisonous Mushrooms

Make a nice plate of fly agaric by placing a tomato, cut in half and previously emptied of its pulp, above each hard egg. To connect the two parts, a wooden spade will do the trick. Decorate with mayonnaise and serve on a bed of herbs on the Halloween Day.

The Spider’s Delight

These little spiders are simply cut out of black olives and placed on hard-boiled eggs cut in half.

The Horrifying Puffs

A nice plate of “cut fingers” will also be the most beautiful effect: cut rectangles in puff pastry and shape them finger-shaped then add at the end of each finger a piece of sausage cut in the form of a nail, the everything to bake about 25 minutes and soak in ketchup.

Sweet recipes

The Chocolate Mygale

For the Halloween Day dessert, this spider-shaped chocolate cake will make a little impression. To make the legs, use mikados cut and weld by melted chocolate.

Cut Hands

Prepare a vanilla custard and let it harden in the fridge for 4 hours in disposable gloves (previously rinsed) that you cut with a chisel to reveal a cut hand!  for the Halloween Day. A red fruit coulis will complete this very visual dessert.

Halloween Recipes For Drinks.

Prepare drinks with strange and disturbing colors (obtained with food colors or syrup) on the Halloween Day that you will serve in small chemist’s test tubes, from a special atmosphere “Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.”

If you offer transparent alcohols (gin, white rum, vodka), pour them into a glass in which jelly-shaped candies float. Finally, do not forget those who do not wish to consume alcohol, stick on a large bottle of mineral water a label where you write, with the pen in full and the untied: “tears of children not wise.”

Bloody Mary

With its blood-red color, the Bloody Mary is an ideal cocktail for Halloween.

You will prepare it in a shaker, mixing 4 cl of vodka, 10 cl of tomato juice, 1/2 lemon, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a few drops of Tabasco, salt of celery, pepper, and crushed ice.

Serve it with a straw and blender on which a label announces: “fresh, innocent girl blood” or “vampire back.” For an alcohol-free version of this cocktail, replace the vodka with sparkling water.

Sounds interesting! I can’t wait to try out these recipes. So, mouth-watering! I believe every food lover or the Halloween buff should try them.

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