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Have you ever wondered about alcohol and skin?

For the holiday season, the opportunities to have a drink are multiple and the day after watered parties has effects on your body including your skin that does not deviate from the rule. Here are the consequences of alcohol on the skin … And that’s true!

Alcohol is not at all the friend of our skin!

Drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do to your skin, and it is without appeal. Indeed, we all know that alcoholic beverages are bad for health and alcohol is a toxin with few nutrients. In addition, it weakens the liver that acts as the purification station of our body, and it is not soft with our skin either. Here is the proof by … four!

The consequences of alcohol on the skin: a real cat!

The skin becomes thirsty:

The skin is completely dehydrated and loses suppleness after excess of alcohol. Indeed, it acts as a diuretic and promotes lack of water in the body and especially in the skin. This is why you must drink a lot of water between each alcoholic drink to eliminate toxins, and above all, to allow the body to rehydrate. Without this, the skin dries, becomes dull, red, wrinkles and fine lines are more marked.

The eyes swell:

Alcohol has inflammatory effects on the body, and the skin does not escape. Indeed, the day after an alcoholic evening, the poor circulation of capillaries accentuates dark circles which are more suddenly, more present but above all, more inflated! So many small inconveniences that ultimately leave visible marks on the face.

An acne breakout:

The drinks have high sugar content. However, there is nothing worse for the skin and the phenomenon of glycation. Do you not know this barbaric term? I explain to you: it is one of the proper mechanisms of ageing of the epidermis, just after the phenomenon of oxidation and hormonal problems. In fact, excessive sugar intake unreasonably increases glucose in the blood. What damage our cells that need all their strength to regenerate and we guarantee beautiful skin? And, in this case, it is also almost impossible to escape acne breakouts and many other annoying marks.

The skin change appears:

Alcohol is also very bad for the skin of the face because it modifies the small cutaneous capillaries which dilate. From this fact, the skin becomes red purplish, first transiently, then more and more permanent. The rosacea settles slowly but surely.

The skin ages faster:

The excessive consumption of alcohol leads to many disorders in the body. But first, it is the liver that takes the most, because it struggles to cope with the evacuation of the amount of alcohol ingested. Thus, this organ wears and causes general fatigue while limiting cell renewal. Know also that some factors cumulated with alcohol also accelerates the premature cutaneous ageing like the sun, the too rich foods, the smoking.

But alcohol poses many other worries!

Sleep is troubled:

Many people agree that you fall asleep more easily when you drink. Indeed, night awakening, snoring … alcohol reduces the duration of REM sleep, the dream phase, our favorite moment! Based on these facts, sleep is not good quality and plays heavily on fatigue since the rest was not enough. For the skin, there is also a consequence, so it cannot regenerate properly, and the lack of sleep reduces the collagen so essential to our Beauty.

Weight gain:

Zero alcohol is a very good tip for weight loss. It should be remembered that alcohol intake can promote weight gain and even overweight. For you to realize how sweet alcohol is, here are some sobering numbers.

As for calories, two glasses of 175 ml of wine or a pint of beer provide 248 calories, the equivalent of three chocolate cookies. To eliminate these damn calories, it would be necessary to walk 25 minutes. So, imagine the amount of sugar in a mojito and the number of steps to eliminate it. Finally, here’s a little reminder, more alcohol is strong, more it is caloric.

After an excess, the skin wants a little detox!

I advocate a day of fasting to reset the body. But, especially do not forget to drink, again and again, it is possible to alternate a glass of water with vegetable juices that are poor in histamine such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, beets.

Also, remember to resume a diet low in fat and prefer steam cooking. Exercise question, it is advisable to do a sport even soft as a fast walk and fasting. Indeed, the contrast between the outside temperature and that of your body stimulates perspiration that promotes the elimination of toxins.

I do not think you’ll ever look at your glass of alcohol the same way.


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