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5 Beauty Tips when you apply for a Job Interview

5 Beauty Tips when you apply for a Job Interview

To succeed in a job interview, there are some essential rules that we learn at college: updating resume, research the company, list its qualities and defects … But nobody dares you to admit that appearances also have their role to play in your recruitment.

The idea is not necessarily to have a physical model but to wear a look that conveys seriousness and dynamism. To do this, here are our tips to make a good impression on your future employer.

Job Interview Tips

1 / A bright complexion and good looks

The first thing a recruiter will see during the interview is your face. So, whatever the job that you covet, it is absolutely necessary to ban the makeup too imposing and therefore the overload of bronzing powder or foundation in the package. Instead, opt for a light and natural makeup, a nude and good-looking complexion that will make the person in front of you feel that you are neither tired nor six feet underground. To do this, focus on the essentials: a concealer, a light foundation or a BB cream and a powder to hide the shine. A light peach blush or pink on the cheekbones will bring color to the set.

2 / A strong and natural look

The look is something important if it is crucial and to put it forward without turning into a dancer Crazy Horse nothing simpler! Apply to the entire eyelid a blush of a hue above that of your complexions like a darker beige or a glossy brown with a matte finish. Lightly mark the outer edge of the eyelid with a black or dark brown pencil and finish with mascara, without overloading the eyelashes. Little bonus, to open more eyes, use an eyelash curler.

3 / Subtly colored lips

You should know that the color of the lipstick may vary depending on the profession you approach. If it is artistic, you can dress your lips a bright enough color without taking the risk of “aggression” interlocutor while if you have a more conventional job, nude lips will be more suitable.

Whatever you choose, moisturize them before applying the color and if you prefer to play the card of discretion, do not be afraid to qualify this part with salmon-colored lipstick or peach. We forget the red wine or burgundy for this kind of moment; it’s not an evening.

4 / A well maintained mane

Contrary to popular belief, the hair should not be neglected during an interview. The way you style and maintain them will tell a lot about how you work and your daily presentation. It is useless to make tons of neat clothes with a bun way ballerina, which will result in giving you a look too strict and unkind. If you like having your hair up, adopt the wavy bun instead, with some nonchalant strands sticking out around your ear or a natural ponytail.

If, however, you prefer to let your hair down, be aware that the length determines your hair, for now, T. Too long mane can quickly become imposing and annoy the person in front of you, especially if you are prone to touching any the weather. For this, tie in the back half of your head your hair to clear the oval of the face, neck, and ears. If you have short or medium hair, the choice is yours, provided of course that you do not have a thick curly mass that could hide your eyes, in this case, use a small bar on the side.

5 / Smooth hands

After the face, your future employer will mostly watch your hands! The first impression will be not only on the way that will tighten but also on its “pace.” Have you ever had this reflex to look at people’s hands? The condition of the nails or the skin? This look that is worn regularly says much more about a person than she can say the first fifteen seconds. Nails gnawed, cuticles damaged and showy, dry and rough skin, scaly varnish. You could have good abilities for the job that this detail would repel the recruiter.

Before the job interview, check the status of your hands the day before. If they are dry, apply a good moisturizer before going to sleep and not in the morning because they could become fat and slip when you shake the hand of the person who receives you. Manicure your nails in a light and natural color such as a pale pink or transparent. If you can, the French manicure always beautifies the hand, provided that it is done to the extent of reasonable.

We forget the ultra-long claw-like nails, and we file them all at the same height for more regularity. Again, the color of the varnish may vary depending on the trade you approach, but if you have any doubt, the pale pink is always a safe bet.

Face, hair and hands, you now have all the cards in hand to arrive at your job interview as fresh as pretty! But if you want a bonus tip, dress your face with a smile, this one is worth all the beauties of the world and will make your interlocutor want to do the same.

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