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Job Interview: What fake beauty to avoid?

A job interview is a professional appointment not to be neglected! This is not the time to miss! You may have a concrete resume, skills and exceptional experiences in your field if you arrive at your appointment with a physical appearance that leaves something to be desired, not sure that you get the job of your dreams.

It is true that in our society, the appearance holds a place more and more important, it should not be left aside because, with equal skills, it is the one who will present the best who will have the job! It is said that the dress does not make the monk, but between us, it counts much dress.

You have understood, it must be at the top for a job interview!

But beware of false beauty that can be done by neglecting some details (which make all the difference) or on the contrary, wanting too much! I know the image well, and I know how to play with appearances when I take care of an artist, so I sincerely hope to be able to help you a little bit by taking the time to give you my advice for a top beauty for D-day.

A beauty of circumstance

Too much make-up kills the makeup

First of all, we avoid the “make up too much” is a mistake too often made, unfortunately … Wanting to do well, we often do too much! Yes, it is necessary to be at the top at a meeting pro, but it is not the same preparation as a night out between girlfriends or an appointment with your “Jules”. For example, you ban the loaded smoky eyes. Very elegant in the evening, it is, unfortunately, “too much” for a job interview. You must think freshness!!! It is better to opt for a light makeup in neutral colors such as brown, taupe, beige.

We avoid the luscious red lips

Then the other faux pas make-up recurring during a meeting pro: the red lipstick! It means so much red lipstick … So that it is not misinterpreted, it is avoided! It is incredible all the information and all the messages that can be transmitted with its make-up, its hairstyle, its clothes and of course its attitude! So, if you want your place in this society go molo! I advise you to opt for a nice nude or a slightly rosy gloss to highlight your mouth, without doing too much.

Think fresh girls, think cool … uh, I already said it earlier.

No mirror ball makeup

Well, to finish the make-up side, pay attention to the complexion too glowy! Indeed, it is very beautiful to have a a luminous complexion, but during a job interview, I will bet more on a fresh complexion, well matte with a touch of blush to give peps. To avoid looking like a mirror ball, I leave my favorite highlighter aside.

Also, under stress, our skin tends to react quickly and secrete more sebum than usual. In short, we shine with what! My little pro tip: always have mattifying sponges in your purse!

An impeccable hygiene

A shower

Take a shower!!! It’s all stupid, but it’s still important to specify it; personal hygiene is essential for a professional appointment. You imagine during your job interview, the guy who receives you who says it, there is like a little smell that hovers … no and not possible, especially at an appointment of this importance! In addition, it is invigorating; it boosts energy a good shower!

A light fragrance

And finally, we do not think enough, but we go slowly on the perfume girls! It is not about coconut in all the open space or to inconvenience your interlocutor. Bet on perfume that suits you obviously but has a light hand. A strong perfume may not be appreciated by your interlocutor and create a real migraine in full employment interview. Freshness and moderation!

A radiant smile

And the smile, the essential smile it is the asset of this appointment! Have fun on the street, go shopping, smile at the people you meet. Well, it’s bluffing, men, women elderly or children, 90% of them will smile back! The power of the smile is just crazy! So, we remain pragmatic, we brush our teeth, and we make mouthwash to release your best smile. Attention, when you’re stressed you tend to have a pasty mouth, my little tip take a small minty lozenge 15 minutes before the appointment.

Job Interview: Every detail count!

During a job interview, you must be irreproachable!!! The day before your appointment, I advise you to pamper yourself completely. Hair removal on top! Nails treated! Hydrated skin! And hair nourishes and tamed!

The manicure

No way to go to an appointment with scaly nails. It’s really the worst for me! It’s so dirty! Manicure side, I opt for a French manicure neat and natural. It’s a basic that always makes its effect!

The hairstyle

The day before the D-day therefore, I take care of my hair by doing me good care that I let ask as long as possible. As for the hairstyle for your job interview, do nothing very elaborate at the risk of doing too much. I advise you to make a mid-low ponytail or a nice blow-dry always making sure to clear the face, it’s important.

Beautiful skin

And finally, take care of your skin. Take the opportunity to make a facial mask for example. Focus on the hydration and radiance of your skin; this is the most important for this kind of “event”.

But be careful: be sure to use products you know well, that work on you. Never experiment by testing a new product the day before an important day, or you risk doing damage. You never know how your skin will react! And it is out of the question to go to a job interview with redness or pimples on the face because of a product we did not know. And this advice also applies to your beauty. Use makeup products that you know well, that you know how to handle.

Taking care of yourself on the eve of such an appointment is a bit like a ritual, doing good to your body, you are doing good to your mind, and you are conditioning to tear everything!!

In conclusion:

The day before a job interview, I take this opportunity to take care of my skin, my nails and my hair.

On D-Day, I bet on a fresh and natural makeup like that of Charlize Theron. Nothing serves to put the “package”, it can very well be sublimated by a simple makeup. Side dress but also hairstyle, I always opt for something simple, basics, little black pants or black skirt at the knee, shirt or little beige top and a chic but modern jacket, do not do a granny more.

And finally, I do not try to experience either the day before or the day of the interview at the risk of doing stupid things!

So, what is this job for? I’m not heard, who’s this job for?

Ha, yes that’s right, so it’s for YOU!!!

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