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Succeeding of macaroons, know the secrets of the Chef

Succeeding of macaroons, know the secrets of the Chef

For you too, succeeding in making macaroons is a real challenge? Are your attempts veins? Read this article to know the secrets of making an Artisan Chocolatier.


Ah, the macaroon … little biscuit stuffed with delicious taste, with various colors, giving us the mouth water at its only sight. This one surrounds itself with the gluttony of course, but also and especially of mystery.

In the meticulous world of pastry making, it is one of the most difficult elements to achieve. It is not uncommon to see great experts miss, for reasons that escape us completely. And when you try it in your own kitchen, it’s even worse: we do not know what to do not to miss its macaroons, and finally achieve perfect cockles.

It is this element which is the most complex to realize, and there is something to tear the hair. We can try recipe after recipe; we face the same problems: too liquid or too hard dough, shells crack when cooked, flatten, which do not have the right color or do not form the pretty collar that one waits like the Holy Grail, eyes riveted on the inside of the oven. And cooking … too early, too late..

Do not worry; we will unveil all the little secrets to make macaroons without being mistaken, like a real Castelanne chef.

To succeed in making macaroons, here are some tips

While some use the very complex Italian meringue recipe, others tend to make things a bit simpler by opting for a slightly less difficult recipe that does not require heating when it comes to adding sugar. We will, therefore, opt for this alternative, it will not affect the taste and appearance of the macaron.

We must start with the circumstances: no humidity in the room. This advice is essential because it will allow you to avoid cracking the shell of your macaroons.

More simply, we do not do the dishes while we are in full preparation. We will wait until the cooking is finished before starting to clean the environment.

You will need:

– 140 grams of egg whites at room temperature, clarified for a dozen hours, a very important detail also. Beat the whites, not to get snow, but rather to be close to the consistency of meringue.

– 180 grams of powdered sugar twice: first when the whites start to harden slightly. Threshing will be done at low speed. We then continue to beat, and as soon as the appearance of beaks of birds, we pour the remaining sugar and increase the speed, until a beautiful consistency that does not flow. It takes a while.

– Then comes the operation of time for so: 160 grams of icing sugar and 180 grams of almond powder, sifting both together. Using a coffee grinder can result in a beautiful fine powder. Important for the success of the dough!

– It is at this moment that one adds the dye, which one will choose in powder, in order to avoid changing the consistency of the dough. We prevent the liquid.


Macaroons consist of mixing the egg whites beaten in meringue with the sugar, as well as the double powder. And this moment is critical; it is necessary to work the apparatus neither too little, nor too strongly. We begin by mixing everything in a rather energetic way, but we must obtain a consistency that stands. So, we stop before everything becomes liquid, it is extremely important!

– Once this is done, you will place your macaron shell dough in a piping bag. But once again be careful not to put everything in the oven too quickly! This is of course preheated at a temperature of about 150 ° C., But above all, after forming the rounds of dough on its plate (with parchment paper), it will not be sold immediately. It will be necessary to wait for a light crust is formed on the top of the macaron, soft of course, but dry enough not that the paste does not stick to the fingers.

– Then comes the moment of cooking, and if you have respected all these tips, you will notice that a small collar will form below each macaron, victory! Be careful with the cooking time, however: it is about 10 minutes, but it will be judged only by the eye. If at the time of touching the top of your badge, it is disengaged from your collar, so it is not cooked yet. All you have to do is fill up the macaroon, as you please.

However, do not forget an important tip to finish: this little pastry is better after at least one night in the fridge so that it impregnates well fodder.

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