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Nine blunders make-up that gives us an exhausted air

Nine blunders make-up that gives us an exhausted air

Nothing is more blazing than to hear from someone’s mouth: You look tired today! When one agrees with this sentence, the morale is literally the jump of the angel especially if you have made every effort to make you beautiful. The misused make-up can be counterproductive and create signs of fatigue on your face. Here are the 9 makeup mistakes that must not be made to have a resplendent look all day long.

Here are the 9 makeup mistakes that make us flop!

Do not moisturize your skin properly:

If the support of your masterpiece is not treated, the table will be of poor quality. It’s that simple. Indeed, if your skin is dry, it will make a mouthful of your makeup products since it will absorb everything to draw the moisture it is so badly needed. So, your complexion may mark dry areas and form unsightly plaques that will give you a small, shabby look.

Do not overload your complexion:

In winter, many of us tend to overload our complexion under the pretext of not looking like a ghost. However, applying a foundation that is too dark or too thick will definitely highlight your fine lines, wrinkles and all your other imperfections. For your face to be bright, adopt a product of light complexions like a fluid foundation or a BB Cream that will unify in a few seconds your skin texture. Freshness, I repeat you need freshness.

Apply the bad concealer:

If you choose it too dark, it will tend to bring out your bags under the eyes. If it’s too bright, it will not camouflage anything. First, you should choose a lighter tone than your foundation and if your rings are purplish blue, choose a concealer with an orange shade. On the other hand, if they are brown, prefer a slightly yellow anti-ring. And my trick, you know it since time, always mix it with a drop of your foundation to avoid the demarcations!

A hand too heavy on the blush:

To look good, some have the reflex to insist a little too much on the blush on the pretext of seeing their pretty rosy cheeks. But the problem is that a blush applied too flat, too intensely or not enough faded, can quickly become a cat! The complexion does not look fresh at all, quite the contrary, it is frozen and tired.

Forget the eyebrows:

There is nothing worse for the face than not putting on eyebrows or over-shaving. Yet they are so important to wake up. Do not leave an almost non-existent line or poorly provided eyebrows. Go hop hop hop, more density, to your pencils ladies! Yes, it will open your promised look!

A choice of eyeshadow a bit doubtful:

Some shades can cause a grey and breathless complexion. Mainly since they can accentuate dark circles, or worse, they invent from scratch. If you have slightly droopy eyelids, do not make smoky eyes, this type of makeup will completely extinguish your eyes. On the other hand, if your skin is pale, apply softer eyeshadow colors.

Too much black, kill the look:

Eyes too much made up in black instantly age the features of the face. The excellent compromise is to use a chocolate brown kohl pencil to soften your look and not to close and weigh down your eyes. Well what, it’s good chocolate.

Skip a functional layer of mascara:

The mascara is the primary element of acute makeup. By intensifying your lashes, it will give an excellent boost to your eyes. Without it, the pale figure effect is inevitable. So, spend a minute more during your makeup and you will not regret it!

Attention to your lipstick:

Be careful with extremely clear lipsticks. Especially if you have ashen skin, because these ghostly hues, unfortunately, attribute a cadaverous halo. Unless you accentuate your eye makeup to achieve a look a little “artier” and less livid. For the trend, prefer red plum and burgundy. Avoid wearing them if your features are inevitably tired because these colors darken the complexion.

If you are not yet entirely comfortable with makeup and you still make makeup mistakes, I give you my pro beauty tips.

Tell me about these makeup mistakes, which ones do you commit most often?

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