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What is the Origin and evolution of pastry, Genesis?

What is the Origin and evolution of pastry, Genesis?

The pastry is an important trade in French society. Very famous for its expertise in the field, France has the best pastry chefs in the world. But to reach this level of excellence, it took a long evolution. Let’s return to this fascinating journey by focusing on the origins of it and its iconic characters.

evolution of pastry

The origin

It goes back more than 7000 years, and it is among the Greeks that we find the first prepared cake. This cake called “obelia’s” means “offering,” a pastry that is used to make offerings to the Greek gods. It is made of flour and honey, a very simple cake that looks more like a cake. The Greeks heat this paste on a hot stone to cook it.

Only when eggs, sugar, and butter appear can you really start talking about cake. In the 7th century, when breeding became common. It marks a turning point in the evolution of pastry. Then, in the Middle Ages, people discover the sugar cane and the ancestor of the puff pastry named “Bourreck.”

As for the term “dessert,” which literally means “serve the table,” it makes sense only from the seventeenth century. It then designates the little sweets that are served after serving the table.

Iconic characters 

Several people participated in the evolution of it. In the thirteenth century, Regnaut Barbon registers the status of “forgetful,” ancestor of today’s pastry chefs. The forgetful people make “forgetfulness” which are rolled pastries in the shape of the cornet.

It was not until the 16th century that the profession of pastry chef came to fruition with the importation of Genoese, macaroons or marzipans from Italy. In 1566 there appeared the corporation of confectioners and the birth of ice cream thanks to the Italians.

In 1645, organic yeast was born, an important event in the world of pastry. Let us also mention two famous figures of the field: Provenchère, a pastry chef who invents the almond cream called “cream with pithiviers,” and Vatel who creates the whipped cream.

The birth of the crescent comes to Vienne’s, hence the origin of the word Viennese. The croissants are prepared with a moon shape because it represents the victory of the Viennese on the Turks. The crescent becomes their emblem during this war.

Antonin Carême is the man who establishes the wearing of the chef’s hat in the kitchen and the inventor of the 5-lap lamination.

Finally, in the twentieth century, cold control marks a new evolution for pastry.

Today, it is mainly the techniques that evolve, but we remain in the traditions. We find it in the craft industry, hotels, supermarkets, and agribusiness. It perfectly combines creativity and respect for authentic values.

Succeeding of macaroons, know the secrets of the Chef




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