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The beach and more: our top 5 things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza is well known for its splendid hotels and idyllic beaches. But everyone does not have the same desires. Relaxing is not your cup of tea? Fortunately, there is much more to do in Ibiza. Discover our top 5 activities to try on the island.

Rent a car and go on an adventure

35 kilometers from north to south and 20 kilometers from east to west. It may seem small enough, but Ibiza has more than one trick up its sleeve. Discover the wild sierras of the North or explore the small villages of the Southwest. Do not forget to pack your swimsuit for a dip on the way, on one of the many beautiful beaches of the island. Our favorite spot: Cala Olivera and its crystal-clear waters. Tranquillity guaranteed.

Recommended route: Start with a tour of the island on the coastal road and then fork inland. You will cross forests and reach the mountains – admire the view!

Try the dive

With more than 200 kilometers of coastline and an ideal location in the temperate waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is the perfect place to learn about scuba diving. Many centers offer courses for beginners. For example, you can admire the Posidonia marine meadows in the Las Salinas Natural Park, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. If you are already a pro, go explore one of the wrecks in the waters around the island.

Our advice: why not go to meet Don Pedro? It is the most significant wreck of the Mediterranean located in the recreational diving area.

Dance the night on a boat

Ibiza is known for its world-class clubs and DJs, and the party is not limited to the mainland! Enjoy the island’s wild atmosphere on a fully equipped catamaran/club. Sip a cocktail on the deck enjoying the sunset and dance until the end of the night. A boat party is the icing on the cake for a successful stay in Ibiza.

Treat yourself to a parasailing thrill

It may sound extreme, but there is no better way to enjoy incredible views of Ibiza’s landscape. Enjoy impressive panoramas of the forests, mountains and coasts of the island. Nothing equals the feeling of freedom of parasailing.

Rent a scooter and explore the city of Ibiza

The capital of the island, Eivissa or Ibiza, has everything you need for a successful day. Rent a scooter and take a ride in the alleys of the old town of Dalt Vila. Then go through the harbor to admire the vast yachts and enjoy the marina. Finally, after a little shopping, head to the centre of the island through pine forests and orchards of fig, almond and orange trees. You will find charming cafes and restaurants along the way.







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