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The most beautiful beaches in Philippines.

Choosing the most beautiful beach within this archipelago of more than 7000 islands is of the order of the impossible as the natural riches bloom like a bud in the spring. Here, we live to the rhythm of the turquoise waves, feet buried in the immaculate sand with, as a backdrop, coconut palms, giant cliffs and other geological curiosities. Here is our selection of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

The beach of the Hotel Amun Ini (Bohol), out of sight

Amun Ini Beach Resort and Spa is a privileged address for exploring Bohol Island. Nestled in a preserved cove, surrounded by lush vegetation, this charming establishment has established its neighborhood on a large sandy beach. Almost private (private beaches do not exist in the Philippines) and with a diving center, this intimate place is especially for snorkelers. No wonder since a few rapids is a huge reef spread over 15 km of colorful coral.

Hotel Amanpulo Beach: a trip to an unknown land

The only hotel on Pamalican’s private island, Amanpulo Resort is also part of a protected natural site. In the heart of a Robinson Crusoe decor, the Amanpulo Hotel’s beach reminds us of those landscapes at the end of the world proudly praised by the explorers of yesteryear. Multicolored fish, birds of all kinds, turquoise blue lagoon, huge coral reefs … No doubt, nature is master.

The beaches of the island of Coron, popular with travelers

Regarded by some as the most beautiful island in the Philippines, Coron is a marvel. Moreover, it is not for nothing that the indigenous Tabgnuas have elected sacred land and offer only limited access to tourists. The island hides interior lakes with emerald hues, but also beautiful beaches. Among them, CYC Beach is one of the most sumptuous because it is virgin of any construction. Give free rein to your imagination by playing adventurers on its creamy sand, facing the surrounding mangroves.

The beaches of El Nido (Palawan Island) and their incredible marine world

Although the small village of El Nido is won by the tourist boom, this nature reserve has not lost its superb. We come here to explore the fascinating underwater world of its beaches populated by dolphins and turtles, as well as a hundred different species of corals. On the menu of your excursion, an enticing card composed of caves, waterfalls, lagoons, and tongues of fine sand bordered by a translucent sea. A tip: go to Nacpan, known for being the most beautiful beach in the area.

The beach of the Pangulasian hotel

El Nido Resorts, Pangulasian Island enjoys an unbeatable location in the Bacuit Archipelago. The latter contains an impressive series of limestone and karst cliffs, reminiscent of the paradise scenery of Thailand (with fewer tourists). In the middle of this natural scene are a beautiful white sand beach and its water of striking color. Your eyes will most probably be on the huge wild jungle in the background and its vast shades of green, contrasting harmoniously with the shades of blue. A most peaceful retreat.

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