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The pregnancy mask, how to avoid it?

The pregnancy mask, how to avoid it?

Being pregnant and seeing brown spots appear in certain areas of the face? Do not look far. This is surely the pregnancy mask. Often feared, it occurs during the second half of pregnancy. Because happiness never comes alone!

What is the pregnancy mask?

Also called ” chloasma” or “melasma”, the pregnancy mask often occurs after the fourth month of pregnancy. It is hyperpigmentation of the skin, located on the cheekbones, the upper lip, the chin, the temples and the forehead. The brown or greyish plates often have a regular and symmetrical shape.

Being pregnant causes a real hormonal upheaval. The increase of estrogen (female hormones) plays an amplifying role of melanin. You know that skin pigment that helps us tan. Well for once, tanning is very accurate. It’s a bit the same effect as when you come back from winter sports with your ski goggles on. You see!

More often found in brown women with matte skin, than in fair skin, the pregnancy mask usually disappears after childbirth.

How to prevent the pregnancy mask?

There are not thirty-six solutions! But the most reliable: protect your face as soon as you are exposed to the sun. Whether you are at the seaside or in town, the risks are the same. Remember also to apply SPF 50 sunscreen throughout the day to enhance protection.

How to get rid of these small spots?

If the pregnancy mask is supposed to disappear within six months after delivery, some tasks are stubborn! Tinted creams can help unify the complexion. If this persists, going to see a dermatologist will be the best initiative. A depigmenting cream to apply each day can be a solution. If it does not have the desired effect, there is also the use of peeling. This is a depigmenting mask called “Yellow Peel”. The effects are important during the first two days, with red and swollen skin. An anti-inflammatory cream should be applied, then, to soften the skin.

The mask of pregnancy in humans

Know that the pregnancy mask is not reserved for pregnant women. Women who are not can also be a victim. Some cases occur because of preventive treatment. Some estrogen-based pills may cause this reaction.

Man can be affected by too much exposure to the sun. Also, in the case of estrogen-based treatment in cases, for example, prostate cancer. The consultation with your doctor will be the best solution to consider a treatment anyway.

Legend of grandmother!

Some say that the pregnancy mask would tell the baby’s gender. In this case, when it appears, it would be a girl! But it remains a pure legend of grandmother! History shows that this allegation has not always been true! So, focus on what your doctor sees on ultrasound.

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