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Thirsty beauty: 8 good reasons to drink water every day

Consuming water is essential for good health and better hydration of the skin. You must have the reflex to drink water regularly throughout the day to boost your beauty. Indeed, our body cannot do without it because it is composed of up to 60% and each of our cells is inflated by this liquid. It has great unsuspected virtues such as cell repair, faster weight loss, increased elasticity of the skin and hydration is essential to our body.

However, there are many questions that one does not think of asking his doctor when it comes to evoking the impact of water on its beauty. Hence, we will try to enlighten you on this subject.

How much water to consume per day?

For doctors, we should drink water at a rate of 2 to 2.5 liters per day to see visible effects on the skin. Consuming this amount helps to hydrate the epidermis deeply. That is to say, drinking as much water allows the skin to stay young and bright. A large number of women do not reach this daily consumption, yet there are a thousand ways to absorb water. Thanks to ice cubes, homemade ice cream, soups, drinking tea, an infusion or syrup, in food or using cooking water, it’s up to you.

What water should we choose for the beauty of the skin?

Many brands boast a lot of benefits for the skin such as thinness or radiance of the complexion. But for many, it is only a question of marketing. In contrast, mineral waters have many benefits on the skin, especially those are rich in magnesium and bicarbonates. Because it is undeniable that they have a positive action on the radiance of the complexion since they favor the drainage of the liver by ridding it of its toxins. Similarly, it is advisable to vary its water consumption to diversify its intake of minerals and trace elements.

Does water affect our morale?

Water also plays on morale as well as mood. Not to mention that a study published in The Journal of Nutrition shows that dehydration promotes loss of concentration, increases fatigue and even causes anger or depression. As a result, a body well hydrated during the day will tend to find and naturally follow his sleep cycles. This is not to neglect, especially when we know the impact of sleep on the beauty of the skin.

Does drinking water detoxify the body?

Yes, water has the power to detoxify our body and our cells. Especially since it is essential because they are very often exposed to toxins from our external environment.

Drinking water in large quantities is a simple and natural way to relieve our body.

Does water regulate the temperature of our body?

Everyone knows that when it’s hot, you need to drink water to hydrate properly. On the other hand, did you know that it is also important to consume water when it is cold? Why? Because there is also a risk of actual dehydration. Indeed, the colder the weather, the more our body struggles to keep it warm, which results in dehydration.

Is water a beauty remedy for the skin?

If cosmetics are allies’ beauty in our bathroom, drink water just as much. Dermatologists say it, having good hydration guarantees a better skin by giving it a younger and fresher look. This action moisturizes the skin from the inside so that it can maintain its suppleness, firmness, elasticity and natural radiance. To find a glowing face, it takes a water cure for a week to enjoy its benefits. Did you know that drinking a lot of water would reduce the appearance and development of acne-causing bacteria?

Is drinking water a good way to keep the line?

First, an American study showed that adults who drink water before each meal consume fewer calories during the meal. So, losing weight become more easy. The water would have an action cut hunger and would even be advised by some nutritionists. To take advantage of this virtue, you should drink a large glass of water before the meal to feel a sense of satiety. Here is a solution to avoid falling on the delicious pizza.

Then, it is true, it is not a miracle cure, but regularly consuming water is essential to drain the body. By increasing the flow of water in the body, it is made easier because it can much better eliminate toxins through its organs and also fight against water retention. To us the detox and chao cellulite!

Does drinking water help us to keep fit?

Water, in fact, help us fight fatigue during exercise and keep fit by increasing our physical performance. Who says better performances, said more luck to put on the bikini again this summer. The water makes the blood more fluid and allows better irrigation of the heart, without forgetting that it helps the oxygenation of the muscles.

So, ready to jump into the water?

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