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Tips to Get luscious and sexy lips in less than 5 minutes.

If your fleshless lips despair, stop depressing. Indeed, tips can help you fill your thin lips. Yes, luscious lips please, it’s a fact, it’s like that. Indeed, full mouths are more attractive than others, and we can do nothing. However, if you thought it was impossible to bring a large aspect to the lips without going through the surgery box. Well, I’ll take the challenge to prove you the opposite.

Now it’s time to discover the top of the miracle tricks I’ve carefully selected to make your lips luscious and beautiful in minutes!


No, we’re not going to talk about teeth, but it’s good with your lips. To make them luscious, every morning, massage your lips with a soft toothbrush. By cons, do not use the same brush to wash your teeth and brush your lips so as not to irritate the skin. It should be known that the brushing action will eliminate all dead skin, reactivate the blood circulation and make the mouth much softer. Nevertheless, you can accentuate this sweetness by depositing a little honey on your toothbrush. And presto, your mouth is less dull.

Cinnamon balm:

You had to think about it, with cinnamon oil!!! Because once you have applied a few drops of this miraculous oil on your lips, it causes an increase in blood flow and your lips immediately gain in density. However, cinnamon balms exist to achieve the same result. However, it remains a spice, so be careful not to irritate your skin.

The honey mask:

This nectar is one of the best home remedies for plucking the mouth. Listen carefully: put some honey on your lips and let it rest for a whole night. Then, the next day, rinse them with warm water and the miracle works. Your lips are full and incredibly soft!

The pepper powder:

So, I’m sure! Few people know pepper powder is extremely effective in increasing the volume of the lips. If your most cherished wish is to have fleshy lips, then do not hesitate to mix the pepper powder with a little water until you obtain a paste. Then put this preparation on the mouth and leave for 4-5 minutes. Well, do not lick your lips, otherwise, beware of the stinging sensation. Finally, rinse your mouth with warm water. Nothing is easier to have beautiful luscious lips and attractive as a sweet cherry.

Stay in the natural:

Do not worry about this little recipe and tell me something new. Mix thyme, chamomile and willow bark equally. Take a tablespoon of this mixture and cover it with 250ml of hot water. Then immerse a piece of tissue in the brew and put it on the lips for 20 minutes. This remedy of grandmother is intended to deeply moisturize and give the mouth a sublime appearance.

The pencil before the balm:

Instead of opting for a lipstick, color your mouth with a pencil and apply over a hydrating balm. Indeed, this combination of both creates a relief effect and brings a bright and intense rendering without drying the lips.

The collagen mask:

Do like some Stars test the collagen- enriched masks that apply directly to the lips. They moisturize, plump, and the little bonus, they even reduce the signs of age. You would be wrong not to try them.

The lips fuller:

What is that thing? It is an accessory whose beautystas are crazy. Indeed, this little sucker made a big buzz in the world of Beauty. It exists in three sizes for three different mouth shapes. And it is clear; it does wonders! Its principle is very simple: just place it on the mouth and suck the lips for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, with your finger, you must stop the pressure and then remove it. That’s all, but so effective!

So, I managed or not to meet this challenge with a luscious mouth in less than 5 minutes.

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