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Unknown or unloved? 6 countries off the beaten path to discover 

No doubt, the 21st century is already well underway. We cannot do without the Internet and live without a smartphone in hand permanently. But are there unexplored territories, places on the planet still unknown to the greatest number? Your turn to judge!

Elon Musk has the intention to organize an expedition on Mars, and even the SNCF will soon install Wi-Fi on board its TGV. These technological advances could make us believe that there is nothing to discover on Earth. But do not go so fast, and before flying off to another galaxy, let’s take a look together at a world map. You see, there are still many places where you have not stepped. We present here six breath-taking destinations, virtually unknown to tourists and are definitely worth a visit.

  1. Under the spell of romantic Albania

Here we could recycle some familiar lines to comic readers: “All of Europe has converted to mass tourism. Any? No! A small country still resists invaders “. But truce of jokes. To be honest, tourists are wrong to despise Albania. With its coastline that marries the Adriatic Sea, this country has everything to please the romantic. Mountains that reach the sea, sparkling beaches and quaint cities, it’s almost like an adventure novel of the past.

  1. On the Silk Road in Uzbekistan

Route 66 makes you dream? Really? No, for us, she is still a teenager when compared to a route as mature as the Silk Road. Some 2,000 years older, several thousand kilometers long, with breath-taking panoramas and incredible stages (which have nothing to do with these New World cities), you will thank us for choosing this route. Take Samarkand, for example. At its heart, three ancient madrassas (monolithic schools) project their imposing shadow onto Registan Square.

  1. Discovering Nicaragua, beautiful and unusual

Nicaragua is the country of all diversities, both cultural and geographical. The political turmoil that ravaged the country ceased decades ago, but the public hardly seems to rediscover this country of incredible beauty. Bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east by the Caribbean Sea, the country is widely known as the land of lakes and volcanoes: a chain of active volcanoes across the country.

Try “snowboarding” on the slag slopes of a volcano or paddle to an island that was once a haven for pirates. And of course, sample the traditional cuisine and local coffee. They are all merely sublime.

  1. South American Authenticity in Uruguay

This neighbour of Argentina attracts every year some 2.5 million visitor. If we compare this figure to the more than 47 million tourists who stayed in Paris in 2014, we realise how marginal tourism is in Uruguay. But is this country worth traveling? Of course! If cities are enveloped in a European atmosphere, the vast majority of the country is primarily composed of meadows. They have always been protected by gauchos, the South American version of cowboys.

The coastline is dotted with charming small towns and unspoiled beaches. And do not forget one detail: Uruguay is in the Southern Hemisphere. Our winter is its summer, and vice versa. This is a perfect destination to escape the cold.

  1. Georgia, unique and amazing

Immediate embarkation for Georgia! Yes, but which one? We are not talking about the US state of Georgia or South Georgia (an island near Antarctica). Of course, we are talking about Georgia nestling in the Caucasus mountains. In the aftermath of the Rose Revolution, a peaceful revolution that took place in 2003, Georgia worked to make its riches known to the rest of the world.

What makes this country unique are its Black Sea beaches and snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus, more than 1,200 historic sites, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, hiking trails, water sources and many more. Mineral water, charming villages and beautiful towns with intertwined alleys. Added to this is a selection of hotels to suit all tastes and a breath-taking nightlife. As much to tell you that you’d better get to Georgia fast before the rest of the world succumbs to its charms.

  1. The sweetness of Contagious Life in Laos

Far East: these words refer to exotic images. They evoke a certain delicacy but also seem full of mysteries. Laos fits perfectly in this description. Unlike Thailand, its neighbour, the country is still relatively peaceful, and the sweetness of life is legendary.

Here, no beach at the edge of the sea, indeed. But you have the Mekong and its meanders. Located on the side of this interminable river, Luang Prabang, former royal capital encircled by mountains covered with jungle, is the perfect embodiment of the Laotian calm. Walking through its streets by bicycle, visiting its temples, watching the people living along the Mekong, a swim in the river or following the teachings of a Buddhist monk, you soon see that relaxation is art here to live.

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