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What are the benefits of olive oil?

The benefits of olive oil are more to demonstrate both in terms of health and beauty. Today, I wanted to go back to the history of this oil but also to give you my love of cosmetics. I tell you, olive oil has not finished surprising you.

“The eternal tree.”

Let’s start at the beginning, before talking about oil, let’s talk about the tree first. And what a tree!

The olive tree is a tree with many symbols and legends. In Antiquity, it already had a special place, being a symbol of life and eternity. It is also found on some Egyptian paintings, as a crown on some pharaohs, as Tutankhamen, a symbol of justice.

In Greece, it is a symbol of resurrection and hopes with the legend of Athena. It is also found on the crown of Julius Caesar as a symbol of power, strength and victory but also wealth, immortality and abundance. This tree is very durable and lasts longer than oak. The olive tree is reputed to be eternal.

From the fourth millennium BC, this tree is present throughout the Mediterranean basin.

It was one of the first trees to be grown by men.

“The gold of the gods.”

From this tree comes its fruit: the olive, which is green at the base but becomes black at full maturity. Its oil, which is extracted from olive pulp, is as darling as its tree. In the Qur’an, olive oil is a source of divine light, a symbol of purity.

Rich in vitamin A, E and monounsaturated fatty acids, you are not without knowing the benefits of olive oil and its virtues on health, especially on the cardiovascular plan.

But that’s not all! The advantages of olive oil are numerous, especially in the skin. It is indeed, nourishing, soothing, softening, restorative – The list is long!

“Gold of the Gods”, this is how this oil was renamed in Antiquity. At that time, the benefits of olive oil were no longer a secret!

As early as Cleopatra’s day, women used olive oil to make their hair stronger, longer and brighter. It is an essential ingredient of beauty! Rich in antioxidants, it is a formidable anti-ageing that prevents wrinkles and cellular ageing. In body oil, olive oil prevents stretch marks. It tones the epidermis and gives it a better elasticity. It is therefore recommended for pregnant women in the form of massage. In bath oil, it leaves skin soft, supple and a radiant complexion. It helps to regulate the suppleness and hydration of the skin.

The essential “Aleppo soap” and “Savon de Marseille” *

Aleppo soap

Let’s continue our way until the 7th and 8th century when olive oil has still not been abandoned in beauty. It is also in Syria, or more precisely in Aleppo that the first hard soap has emerged in the world. This soap, which bears the name of its hometown, is composed exclusively of local vegetable oils such as olive oil and bay laurel oil.

It was well after, in the 17th century, that the success of soap factories began in the Marseille region. This is where the famous “Marseille soap” was created. Inspired by its ancestor (the Aleppo Salon), it is also composed mainly of olive oil. Moreover, the traditional Marseille soap had to have a 72% content in olive oil.

Marseille soap

At the time, Marseille soap is as much used for the toilet (in beauty) as for the household tasks, because the olive oil is the best natural detergent. It reached its peak in 1913, but the rise of synthetic detergents precipitated its decline after 1950. Still recognized and used nowadays, this soap is for me “a safe bet”.

However, I recommend you to be vigilant if you want to get some … Today, the “real” Marseille soap is not a controlled appellation of origin. Many of the soaps sold in supermarkets include this name “Marseille soap” but are not in any case. Most of them contain fats of animal and non-vegetable origin, such as the original.

To benefit from all the benefits of olive oil in the “real” Marseille soap, make sure to check:

  • it’s composition (mainly olive oil, and no more than six natural ingredients)
  • it’s color (which must be brown-green or white)
  • it’s imprint on the six faces.

The benefits of olive oil in cosmetics

You have understood, for centuries, the benefits of olive oil propel it into the top of vegetable oils used in beauty. And this is not about to stop because today’s cosmetics brands have understood it as well!

I present you my favorites of cosmetics which are composed, of course, olive oil!

First of all, here are my darlings for the face:

1) DHC, Deep Cleansing Oil, 26 € 200ml

Enriched with olive oil, this cleansing oil eliminates all makeup, even the most stubborn. It’s the best seller of the brand in the world, and I understand why! I highly recommend it.

2) Durance, ultra-nourishing face cream for dry skin, 23,60 €

This melting care, rich in Nyons organic olive oil, shea butter and extracts of olive leaves, intensely nourishes, soothes and protects against external aggressions. I recommend it to the driest skin looking for a comfortable face cream.

3) Marius Fabre, Olivia, Lip Balm with Olive Oil and Shea Butter, € 6.50

This lip balm, enriched with olive oil and shea butter, repairs and moisturizes the most chapped and dry lips. And in addition, it is certified organic!

4) Durance, Serum revitalizing concentrated dry skin, 24,90 €

Big top for this serum that revitalizes, softens and protects the skin. To use with the moisturizer of the same brand (2), this is the perfect combo that I recommend to dry skin.

And here are my scrunchies for the body:

1) Durance, nourishing foot cream with olive leaf extract, 13,95 € 75ml

Because it is essential to take care of your feet, I am currently using this Durance brand cream, enriched with olive oil, which leaves my feet softened, soft and comfortable.

2) Durance, nourishing shower oil, 13,95 €

This silky formula shower oil turns into delicate foam when in contact with water. Fragile skin like me will appreciate this product.

3) Basket of Senses, Olive Exfoliating Care, 9,75 €

Slightly foaming, this body scrub with olive kernel powder gently removes dead skin cells.

Non-abrasive, it is suitable for dry skin and respects the natural moisture of the skin.

4) Basket of Senses, dry body oil and olive hair, € 15.90

This dry oil is a 2 in 1 super enriched in organic olive oil.

5) Aroma-Zone, Olive vegetable butter, 6,90 €

This vegetal butter of organic olive oil can be used as is on the skin or used in your care. It is particularly appreciated by sensitive skin, irritated and torn.

6) Kiehl’s, olive oil conditioner for dry and damaged hair, 9,50 €

Inspired by traditional recipes, this shampoo combines all the benefits of olive oil, Avocado oil and Lemon extracts. It helps to restore suppleness and elasticity. It is suitable for dehydration.

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