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Where to go in September: 7 travel ideas to avoid the blues of the autumn

September is approaching and the end of the summer holidays is coming to an end. Rather than dragging your feet to get back to work or study, why not extend this beautiful summer with a long weekend or even a week’s vacation?

September is THE ideal month for several reasons:

  • Air tickets and hotels are generally much cheaper than in July or August.
  • The weather is still superb. To you the tan and bathing!
  • The school holidays are over so that you can avoid the crowds.

So, did you feel like it? Here are some ideas to spend a month of September.

Big sound by the sea in Pula, Croatia

Do you dream of beach, blue sky and party until the end of the night? We found the perfect spot for you: the small town of Pula in Croatia. From September 7 to 10, its abandoned fortress overlooking the Adriatic will resonate with the impressive bass of the Outlook festival. This is the biggest event of its kind in Europe, and it brings together all the music of the “Sound system culture”: drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, hip-hop or dancehall, you will catch your ears.

If you need to rest your eardrums a bit, do not miss a stroll by the sea or a boat ride on the azure waters of the region. Relaxation assured.

Oysters and Guinness in Galway, Ireland

A dozen oysters and a pint of Guinness, what more? At the Galway Oyster Festival, which runs from September 22nd to 24th, you can enjoy seafood platters under the sky (hopefully mild) of Ireland. And for those who doubt some of the combination oysters-beer, no problem, they also offer champagne!

Galway has been celebrating the oyster season for more than 60 years, and the ones you enjoy will have been freshly caught in the area. In addition to eating shellfish, you can follow seafood-themed walks, attend an oyster shucking championship, listen to live bands or take part in tastings at the best restaurants in the area. Enjoy your meal!

An avalanche of dachshunds in Krakow, Poland.

A parade of dachshunds, what do you think? Yes, you read correctly: every year, Krakow rolls out its red carpet for thousands of disguised little dogs. This year, the event takes place on September 10: run it!

How did this famous “dachshund march”, or “Marsz Jamników”, come about? The Poles themselves do not know, but it seems that the sausages have long been appreciated in this country. Some say that the tradition would have started during the Soviet era, during the May Day parades. Owners of dachshunds then marched alongside party members, their dogs richly dressed and eating sausages in silver dishes. A roundabout way of criticising the regime.

Nowadays, the parade is simple entertainment, and you’ll be laughing at the sight of all the little dogs in costume fighting for hilarious titles like “the longest disguised dachshund”.

Hiking under the sun of Tenerife, Canary Islands

The number 7 trail of the island of Tenerife is well known to hikers. And the excitement is justified: you do not risk to forget the spectacular landscapes that will see on the way. Although it is only 8.5 kilometres long, it takes more than 5 hours to cover this high-altitude trail, and only those in good physical shape should try it.

On the way to Montaña Blanca, you will cross laurel forests and broom fields, and you will be able to admire dramatic black lava flows. At 2,349 meters above sea level, you will see the peak of the volcano 200 meters higher, overlooking the surrounding peaks and standing out against the azure ocean. Once back down, take a well-deserved break at Bodegon Campestre to sample local specialities.

History, swimming and more in Nicosia, Cyprus

It is said that the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the waves not far from Paphos in Cyprus, and it is certain that the place could not be better chosen. Shallow water, rugged rocks and wild nature, the island will charm you instantly. This is, for example, the ideal place for a quiet trip in love.

Finally, for a bit of culture, the exhibition “The many faces of Venus” will begin on 1 September in Nicosia and will bring together works from all over Europe representing the goddess of love. The collection promises to be fascinating. Nature, beach and art, it will not miss anything on your trip.

Centennial roller coaster in Copenhagen, Denmark

You’ve probably heard of Tivoli, the famous Danish amusement park. But do you know Bakken? It is the oldest leisure park in the world, opened in 1583. It is well known to the Danes but little visited by international tourists. Enjoy! And even if the good weather does not turn out to be the rendezvous, park rides will put you in a good mood for sure.

There are six roller coasters in Bakken, from the ultra-modern version to the oldest in Europe, all in wood. To recover from your emotions after scouring all the attractions, go to the Noerrebrobryghus, a micro-brewery where the beers are to fall.

Gourmands, foodies, gourmets: direction Zurich, Switzerland

In Switzerland, back to school is synonymous with Food Zurich, a gastronomic event that takes place in the capital from 7 to 17 September. Try truffle hunting in the city, where, along with a dog finder, you will locate these precious mushrooms and learn more about how to cook them. You can then enjoy it at the Drei Stuben restaurant. A little too posh for you? No problem, Food Zurich has something for everyone. Grilling courses, tasting of sausages and beers, gourmet tours, bakery workshop, dinner organised by refugees, night market dedicated to potatoes, the list is long. You just have to choose what you want to.

So, convinced? Where will you go in September?


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